Mint Sdn Bhd


Mint is a web design agency founded as part of MIXMEDIAGROUP in 2010 that provides businesses with consultations and online solutions to expertly guide and manage their digital needs. Anchored by a team of integrated programming wizards and UI/UX architects, Mint builds and takes care of website development, mobile app development, digital marketing, e-Commerce platforms, and a variety of digital tools and services.

Goals & Approach

To design with the

Aim to sell

make our clients feel comfortable with the idea of doing business with us.

your homepage should clearly identify your business and describe the products and services you offer.



your company identity

To explain your

company competitive


we will present the advantages you offer that win customer and bring them back to buy from you again.

use your corporate logo and colours on your site. They are an important part of your brand identity and they relate your site to your other marketing materials.

To present a

Consistent Look

To keep it


avoid confusion on the site at all cost. We will plan your website organisation in advance is critical to building a coherent visitor experience.

Mint is an official AITI accredited business and possesses ICT-certification.